Jan 152018

ASM ISSUE: 211 – An Introduction to Candidate Experience

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that recruiting was going to get tougher during the next few years. This is due to many factors, most of which are out of a company’s control. However, there is one factor that can be controlled, which is improving candidate experience.

What Is Candidate Experience?

This term has been around for a few years. Some of you might know what it is and others might not. According to jibe, candidate experience (CX) is a term used to describe how people seeking jobs react to how a company handles processes from sourcing to onboarding.


Sep 272017

ASM ISSUE: 204 – Salary Non-Disclosure: Yea or Nay?

The recruitment industry is abuzz over a new ruling that might possibly be implemented all over the country soon. There have been talks about banning human resource firms and companies from asking job candidates how much they’re earning at their current place of employment, a ruling that has already been passed in Massachusetts.

I came across an article by Lydia Frank on Harvard Business Review that aligns with the sentiments of most recruiters regarding this possible ruling. While they may mean well and their intent is to address the gender pay gap, Payscale data does not show that it can truly amend it.

Payscale is a data and compensation company where Frank works. The company studied the relationship between the gender pay gap and the salary history question.


ASM ISSUE: 205 – Negative Unemployment in the Feed and Grain Industry

Recently Feed & Grain Magazine decided to explore the state of employment in the feed and grain business. They interviewed 7 leaders in the business, two recruiters and 5 top industry professionals. I was asked to share my insights regarding the challenges recruiters in this niche presently face. You can check out the article on our website.

I have noticed that it in recent years, top talent has more available options, as the industry is currently facing negative unemployment rates. There is a high demand for people with the right degree or a certain amount of experience. However, there aren’t enough qualified talent to fill this role.

This low employment rate does not only affect high level positions, but lower level roles as well. Companies have to compete for qualified candidates. The agriculture industry, despite the abundance of well-paying jobs, is not exactly considered a glamorous career option. There is a lot of physical labor involved and outdoor tasks under the sun or during colder months.



Aug 152017

ASM ISSUE: 202 – Filling an Open U.S. Job Has Never Taken So Long

There are, at most, 31 days in a month. That also happens to be the average amount of time it now takes to fill a job opening in the United States. So if you’re having difficulty filling your most important positions, you’re certainly not alone.

Not only is that average a new record, but it’s also causing problems when it comes to hiring the best candidates in the marketplace. (Hint: they don’t want to wait around for a month, and since they have so many suitors, they really don’t have to.)

Of course, it wasn’t always this way. During the depths of the Great Recession in 2009, it took just 15 days to fill an open job. That represented a vast improvement from 2006, when the average was 23 days.


ASM ISSUE: 203 – Does Your LinkedIn Profile Suck?

We all know that there is power in a well-crafted resume. However, not many people know that a kick-ass LinkedIn profile is equally, if not more, important. Now I’m not saying you should send us a shoddy excuse of a resume and focus on your LinkedIn profile instead. Just make certain both are equally detail-oriented and worth viewing. Here are a few tips to add star power to your boring LinkedIn profile.

Make the Right First Impression
Your picture and headline are the first things that you should work on. I would recommend a professional-looking photo instead of a selfie. Your face should take up at least 70% of the photo.



Jul 312017

ASM ISSUE: 200 – How Data Can Make Dairy Farming More Profitable

Republished from ABC Rural

“We’d like to help farmers make better and more informed decisions because volatility is here to stay.” That is the message Dairy Australia is sending farmers.

South Australian dairy farmers met in Mount Gambier last week to hear from industry innovators about the big data revolution. At a time when dairy business viability is making headlines, the event focused on helping farmers to collect and analyze data to make what they already do more profitable.


ASM ISSUE: 201 – How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Summary and Profile to Get Jobs

By: Natalie Severt
Resume Expert at Uptowork

As a job seeker, having a LinkedIn profile is no longer a matter of choice. It’s a necessity.

Well, for starters, everyone is on LinkedIn – job seekers, recruiters, CEOs, that weird guy next door, your mom – everyone.

Okay, but what if you’re not looking for a job right now?
Well, you don’t have to be actively looking for a job to use LinkedIn. In fact, if you optimize your profile and engage with the platform, a job could come looking for you.


Jun 302017

ASM ISSUE: 198 – Employee Retention: Future Recruiting Metric

In most cases, it is easier to spot talent and hire them than it is to retain them. In the near future, employee retention may become part of the recruiting metrics, according to an article from Human Resources Today.

Why This Metric Will Matter
First-year retention is going to be essential in the years to follow, especially since the workplace will be composed of about 50% Millennials by 2018. Millennials, also known as Echo Boomers, share almost the same traits as Baby Boomers. However, they also are more of “career butterflies” than the people from Generation X. in fact, statistics shows that only 15% of Millennials believe in working at the same company for five years or longer.


ASM ISSUE: 199 – Is “The Perfect Fit” a Myth?

Perfection is something that humans strive to achieve. Be it the perfect life partner, friendships or in the business world, candidates, perfection plays a key factor.

The “perfect fit” sounds so ideal that it has made many a company pass on promising talent in search of someone who crosses out all the items in their checklist. This makes recruiters wonder if perfection is attainable or if it is just a myth.


May 062017
ASM Issue 196 – 2017 Is a Great Year for Dairy
I recently found an interesting article from Farm Journal’s Milk. It is a good time to be a dairy producer. According to the USDA’s April World Agriculture Supply and Demand estimates, we have reached the third straight year of record grain supplies.

The increase can be attributed to rising South American production. Presently, there is assurance that there will be an ongoing abundance of feed supplies.After a dismal 2016, dairy producers have more for which to be thankful. Aside from the abundance of feed supplies, prices rose in the Class III markets and are expected to rise steadily until June, based on the latest market reports. Class IV milk is expected to rise steadily, as well, based on Farm Journal’s market forecasts.
ASM Issue 197 – Why Employee Recognition Matters
Hiring the right person for the job isn’t an easy feat. However, keeping top talent can be even trickier.According to Human Resources Today, 65% of employees jump ship because of poor employee recognition programs.
Recognition drives employee engagement. It lowers turnover propensity rates and provide stronger business results. According to the article “Why Employee Recognition Matters,” an engaged employee will perform 20% better and will be 87% less likely to leave an organization. Their data also shows that companies that have the most engaged employees have revenue growth 2.5 times greater than competitors that have low employee recognition programs in place.
Apr 062017
ASM Issue 194 – Career Tips from Continental Search

They do not teach how to manage your career in college.  Managing your career is a lifelong task with changing variables. Whether you are recruiting people to build your team and grow in your current role or are pondering a career move and will be preparing for upcoming interviews, resources are available.

Continental Search has devoted a whole section of our website to career tips in our Job Seekers section. The aim is to help people who are new to the industry by giving them resources that will help them get started and employed.


ASM Issue 195 – University of Illinois Study: Methionine for Dairy Cows
I was browsing through Dairy Herd Management when I found an article about the benefits of adding methionine to the Holstein cow diet. I thought it would be beneficial to our readers who have dairy cows.
According to research performed by the University of Illinois, adding methionine to the diet of Holstein cows could enhance the survival rate of pre-implanted embryos. The study involved supplementing the diets of a group of cows. They started supplementation 21 days before the cows were due to give birth and continued until 72 days after birth. The control group was not given methionine.
Mar 062017
ASM Issue 192 – Job Offer Negotiation Tips
I recently read an article on Forbes by Caroline Ceniza-Levine that shares some ways to gain the upper hand when it comes to negotiating a job offer. I thought it would come in handy as the animal science industry is undergoing an evolution. I have noticed an increase in job openings, and I believe it is the perfect time to aim for higher-paying positions in your industry.

Many candidates think that they are powerless during the negotiation process and that all they can do is accept what is offered to them. These tips will give candidates the confidence they need to negotiate their way to a better-paying job.


ASM Issue 193 – ASJ Gets A New Look
Job boards are one of the best places to scope out the latest job openings. Our partner site, Animal Science Jobs has gone through a makeover just this year. The site is a job board for people looking for careers in the animal science industry and has been around since 2004.

Their new layout, is crisp, clean and the visuals are a treat to the eyes. If you look to the top, you will see that they have sections for job seekers and for employers filled with helpful information, making the site a treasure trove for both parties. They also have industry news as well, for people who want to hear about the latest developments in poultry, swine, beef and dairy.
Feb 062017

ASM Issue 190 – You Are Your Cover Letter

Cover letters have long been the avenue most people use to send their resume to a prospective employer. Crafting an effective letter for some is easy – but for most, it is a daunting task. There are some key elements that go into an effective letter, which we will discuss. However, before getting started, I believe putting things in perspective seems to help. I like to draw analogies between things we do on a daily basis that could potentially help us accomplish those tasks that come up on an irregular basis. These generally will give us a better understanding of what we are trying to do.


ASM Issue 191 – Pathogen-based Treatment for Cows with Mastitis?
I recently came across an article on Bovine Veterinarian that can be a game-changer for dairy producers. Mastitis is a costly condition to treat, but is sadly common. It is the inflammation of the mammalian breast, which is caused by the blockage of milk ducts during the lactation period. This causes dairy cows much discomfort and may lead to fever or flu symptoms.

Mastitis can be caused by an infection where bacteria enters the body through the teat canal. In fact, it is quite common in dairy cows. It may also be caused by mechanical, chemical, or even thermal factors.
Jan 062017
ASM Issue 188 – How to Get Ready for Your Annual Performance Review
The annual performance review is something that many employees dread (as do most managers). The days or weeks leading up to it can be quite stressful. Never fear, I have compiled helpful tips to help you get through it without the stress and anxiety.

Prepare to Wow Your Employer
Preparation is the key to a stellar APR. Treat your annual performance review like a mini interview. While you are not interviewing to get hired, this interview will be the key to receiving higher compensation and may determine if you are ready for the next step up the ladder. What you say and how you conduct yourself will greatly affect the outcome. Make sure you follow the steps below.


ASM Issue 189 – The “Recruiting in a Multi-Generational Talent Pool” e-Book is Finally Out

What does the Baby Boomer, Generation Xer, and Millennial have in common? They all belong to the workforce. Each generation has special skills and experiences that they can contribute to the workplace.
What do the top candidates from these generations want? What will make them want to work with you? However, most importantly, what will make them stay? These are the questions that any employer should ask before making a job offer.